Senders – Lucidity/Lividity

Kiss of Death

Best record of this genre I’ve heard in years. The guitar work is at times chunky and aggressive. Aggressive like a fast bicycle ride, not aggressive like an asshole at the bar.
Musically there are undertones of Sunny Day Real Estate and Engine Kid. Lots of sonic
elements that are more cilantro than jalapeno. Subtle, yet complex, craftwork carpentry
instead of a chainsaw. Vocally there is a balance between the good parts of Damien
Moyal, and the anguished howl of Samiam.

There’s a reason all of the bands I used to compare this record to peaked in the ‘90s.
Senders don’t re-invent the wheel, but they do take the engine (kid) apart and make it a
more efficient hybrid. Instead of the late ‘90s formula of quiet part / loud part / quiet part,
Senders keep it in gear the entire album. Recorded at Black Bear in Gainesville, FL.
Any band mentioned in this review could have done it a little better. Senders did.

Favorite song on first listen: From The Hip
Favorite song after fifth listen: Without Us

Senders’ album release show is this Friday at The Atlantic.

-Dave Drobach

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  1. Casper says:

    Download the whole thing for free at or buy the record from Kiss of Death/No Idea!

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