The Future Now – Hangman / The Runaway 7″

The Future Now
Hangman b/w The Runaway 7”
Sound Study Recordings / Kiss of Death Records

This two-song 7” falls

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right into place as the perfect follow-up to The Future Now’s 2010 debut, Hazy Orange Sunday. For those unfamiliar with the band’s sound, they make no qualms about reveling a bit in the sounds of the flannel-filled ‘90s, but they’re far from a Nirvana cover band. More than anything, The Future Now is simply a solid rock and roll band that knows how to sling a melody with some heavy distortion and a driving beat rolling beneath it.

And on these two songs they move even further from any kind of grunge template (that may or may not have been there to begin with), inching their way into even heavier territory at times while singer and guitarist Bobby Heilman maintains a strong sense of melody throughout.

“Hangman” signals The Future Now’s evolution from the start with a heavy start-stop intro that dives into an eerie minor-chord verse. The step into darker territory feels natural for the band however and after bringing it back with a catchy interlude, the song ramps it up into a pummeling climax at the end that’s heavier than anything they’ve done before. On “The Runaway,” the band leans back into their poppier roots, with an infectious chorus with Heilman singing, “Would you run away / from this sundown? / Would you pay to play / if it shot you in your head?” After the chorus rolls around for the second time the song shifts into a riff-heavy bridge that again reveals heavier influences than the ‘90s alt-rock comparisons they often garner in reviews.

This is a solid 7” from The Future Now and it’s always cool to be able to hear a band’s sound evolve from record to record. And that’s exactly what’s going on here. These guys are definitely worth checking out live too, and they’ll be playing with The Lemonheads and The Shining Twins on Feb. 22 at Double Down Live.

Matt Walker

You can hear a sample of The Future Now 7” and purchase it on the Sound Study website.

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