Check out this awesome song from Averkiou’s upcoming EP

It’s no big secret that Averkiou is one of the best rock bands to bounce around this town in recent years. (If you don’t already know that, stop reading this right now and click the “play” button at the bottom of this post.) Every now and then I check up on some of the hippest indie rock songs blasting out of the coolest Internet radio stations in these beautiful United States and I’m always disappointed that none of those cool bands come close to the awesomeness of Averkiou. Their fuzz-heavy, reverb-ridden, catchy dissonance burrows into your brain; and I guess it just never leaves.

So of course we were stoked when Sound Study Recordings asked if we would like to premiere a song from Averkiou’s new EP on Lead Us Down. If for no other reason

than to hear some new music from Averkiou.

We are happy to present the premiere of “The Rabbit and the Lion,” from The New Imperative, which is currently available for pre-order at Sound Study Recordings, and will be available for post-order after Feb. 20, when the album is released. Get into it.

– Matt Walker

Averkiou is finishing a short run up and down the East Coast tomorrow night at The Atlantic with Guy Harvey,

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Weird Wives and Blacklight Scorpion. Also check out Brooklyn Vegan and Alternative Press for two more tracks from The New Imperative, and look out for another track on Vice soon.

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